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Business Planning

Business planning services are provided to closely held businesses and their owners and employees. These include choosing the appropriate form of business entity, such as corporation or limited liability company, issues involving current and deferred compensation and other compensation alternatives such as stock options and incentive compensation, tax planning, hiring and retention of employees, and other employment issues, business and tax planning for mergers and acquisitions, contracts, licenses, re-seller and software agreements, and other business transactions, sale or transfer of the business or of an owner’s interest, and capital formation, finance, and business development, including regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Compliance

Employers are assisted in compliance with Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor regulations, cost effective controls, negotiation of closing agreements and other remedial arrangements with the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, Environmental Protection Administration and other federal and state regulatory auditors and investigators.

Tax Practice

Tax planning for businesses and individuals

Audit representation before the Internal Revenue Service

Negotiation of Offers in Compromise with the Internal Revenue Service

Administrative Tax Appeals

Tax Litigation in the United States Tax Court and in the United States District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeals

Employee Benefits and Retirement Plans

Both employers and employees are represented in analysis and implementation of qualified and nonqualified retirement plans (ERISA) and other workplace benefits such as disability and health benefit plan issues.

Employer clients include private and government entities, benefit plan administrators, service providers and consultants, and trustees and other plan fiduciaries.

Employee clients include current and former employees, plan participants and beneficiaries.

Clients are advised on most matters of compensation planning, plan design, implementation, operation, administration, amendment, merger and termination.

Non tax related issues include the appropriateness of investments and plan expenses, fiduciary, employer and third party liability, employee communications and effective plan administration.

Labor and Employment Litigation

The employee benefits practice includes litigation in both trial and appellate courts of issues involving the enforcement and clarification of employment, participant and beneficiary rights, disputed benefit claims, fiduciary responsibility and liability, liability of third party plan investment, administrative advisors or service providers and transactions prohibited by law and age, benefits and employment discrimination.

International Business Planning

For domestic clients, international transaction planning includes company and tax issues affecting business and employment outside the United States, especially as it impacts U.S. shareholders.

For foreign clients, international transaction planning includes federal, state and local company and tax issues affecting business and employment in the United States, and coordination of tax and business planning with the client’s local home country professional advisors.

Business and Commercial Litigation

The business practice includes limited business and commercial litigation in federal and state trial and appeals courts, contract disputes, commercial collection, employment matters, and ownership, control, accounting and fiduciary disputes.

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